I'm Ryan, owner and operator of Sound Made Simple. 

Thank you for considering Sound Made Simple as your sound and lighting solution for your event

I love using my knowledge and experience of sound and lighting to create the fun and inviting atmosphere you're looking for.  I want to make it simple for you and allow you to choose who you want “running the show” and the music that plays at your event so that your event is uniquely "YOU"!

Why I started Sound Made Simple…

I was asked by a friend if they really needed to hire a DJ for their wedding as they hadn't budgeted for the prices that many DJs charge. They also didn’t want a DJ who they didn’t know, “running the show” so to speak. They asked,Why can’t we just hire someone to provide the sound and lighting equipment and run it for us? We just want it to be simple. Why doesn’t anybody offer that?"

I offered to help and was able to provide the service they wanted and couldn’t find anywhere else. And that was the start of Sound Made Simple!