How many songs do I need for my event?

Songs average about 3 minutes. So to fill 1 hour, you need about 20 songs.  If you are planning for a 3 hour dance, you need at least 60 songs. 

 Is Sound Made Simple a DJ service?

Sound Made Simple is a sound and lighting service. We provide and operate the sound and lighting equipment for the duration of your event to ensure the sound and lighting systems are working properly.  

Can I get the same result hiring Sound Made Simple as I would hiring a DJ.

We bring the equipment and expertise, you bring the music.  Together, we can fill the role of a traditional DJ for a fraction of the price!  (You choose your own MC or we can MC for you.)

Can I hire Sound Made Simple to provide a sound system and microphones for my public event?

We can provide sound and lighting equipment and services for your public event.  If you want to play music at your public event, you must play (manage the starting and stopping of) the music from your device.

Why should I hire Sound Made Simple?

With a little extra planning (making a few playlists), you can save, literally, thousands of dollars! 

When you hire Sound Made Simple, we provide the equipment and expertise to make sure your event sounds and looks good. Maybe you already have playlists made for your event. And you probably have a friend or family member who would make a great MC and who would be honored to perform this role for you.  

With the help of Sound Made Simple and a little planning ahead, you can have a successful ceremony, dinner, dance, and celebration!

I'm nervous about having a friend or relative MC my event. How will they know what they're doing?

Sound Made Simple will personally communicate with your MC prior to your event and provide a list of helpful pointers to help your MC feel comfortable and confident in their role. During the event, we will provide the MC with advice as needed.

Having a MC who you know personally and who knows you makes a world of difference. They will add a personal touch to your event because they know you. We will do our best to make sure they are as comfortable and successful in their role as they can be.

Click the link below to see the guide that will be given to your MC prior to your event: Master of Ceremonies Guide

If you prefer to have Sound Made Simple MC your event, please let us know and we can MC for you at no additional charge.